Manage your influencer gifting campaigns in one place

Sagelink simplifies micro-influencer gifting for e-commerce brands. With one-click product shipping, automated content collection, and reporting we help brands get out of spreadsheets and back to focusing on growth.
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Send products with one click

Between chasing down shipping addresses and manually creating Shopify orders, sending gifts to micro-influencers can take a ton of time.

Sagelink helps you get this done in minutes with a self-serve ordering link that you send to your micro-influencers. Our Shopify integration makes this process seamless.

Track and save social posts automatically

Sifting through each micro-influencer’s social page to check for posts of your product takes hours.

Sagelink automatically saves these Instagram and Tiktok posts and provides engagement metrics – saving

Engage with your creators in one place

Bouncing between emails, DMs, and spreadsheets makes managing micro-influencer relationships tough.

Our platform gives you a central place to manage these communications so you can build authentic relationships at scale.

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